Meadow Mountain Refocus: Getting our Blog Back on Track

Back to the Grind

Hi readers,

We’ve been a little sloppy with the blog since starting it. Like really sloppy. We made first time blogger mistakes. We’ve got infrequent post history, chaotic and unclear messages, and boring topics. All of that is about to change! We put our heads together and have come up with a few exciting topics that we want to target with our new and improved space!

"We want to perk up our blog."

Tech Tips

We want your basic web design and technology questions answered. As customers come to us with questions, we will work to create informed blog posts regarding these topics. We hope to provide a knowledgebase of skills available to our readers for troubleshooting some basic issues, technical or design.

Cyber Security

If cyber security is your worry, we want you to rest at ease. We know it is a major risk factor for every business. That is why we want to keep you informed and educated on the latest attacks, tips on how to prevent the attacks, and much more. 

"We are frothing with new ideas to share!"

Product Reviews

When it comes to having the latest and greatest hardware or software in the office, don’t hesitate to check our blog for reviews. We don’t carry any inventory and make no profit from our reviews. We provide an honest and trustworthy opinion from a tech who wants to make sure your home or business office is running at it’s best.  

Website Marketing Strategies

We build the website but having one up and running is not where marketing your business ends. We are happy to offer our SEO monthly package; however, we want to provide you with tips on how you can take charge of your online presence. Keep your eyes peeled for our future posts about how you can further market your website!

MMT in the Community

MMT, that’s us! We are happy residents of Garrett County and want to give back in many ways. We are participating in extracurricular fundraisers for local school groups, host college interns, promote our littering and trash cleanup projects, raise awareness for seniors with technology, and much more!

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